Tips For Childbirth

It’s time to meet your baby. In truth, we were all afraid, and there are myths, not pleasant near experiences that can make you feel afraid of everything that may happen but relax nothing happens.

It sounds simple that word and maybe you can not, but think that the less stress you have everything will work out better. Try to do everything you will not be able to do after childbirth, be aware of everything you can so that this day is full of relaxation and that your only preoccupation is the health of the baby, you can prepare that your house is clean, make purchases before, do some exercise at home, schedule your appointment with Ortho by Elizondo clinic back, get a pedicure or even an easy one, your stress will decrease for the big day.

In situations of tension, fear or pain, the body secretes adrenaline, which prepares the body to face any danger. So better try to breathe early and take note.

Relax: Relax the muscles and breathe deeply, try to think of the face of your offspring, the name it will have or start planning your baptism! Everything goes as long as you do not think about the pain contractions cause you.

Breathe: During contractions use combined diaphragmatic and thoracic breaths, this will help you avoid “pushing” at inappropriate times.

Have physical contact: The caresses are always pleasant and can help you to mitigate the pains; However, there are also people who are very sensitive and prefer not to be touched. It is completely normal.

Take your time: Occasionally, labor lasts many hours, including previous symptoms. We recommend that you have some pleasant activity such as reading, listening to music, playing on your cell phone, really, it hurts less if you do not think about it.

Walk: Walking relieves pain and helps the baby down the birth canal. This will help a lot when you give birth.