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Tips before a cosmetic surgery

The number of cosmetic surgeries has increased in recent years worldwide, with more people seeking a better physical appearance. This type of medical procedures can be performed on different parts of the body but always by people specialized in the specialized clinic of JL Prado Surgical Center in Tijuana. Aesthetic surgeries, like any operation, carry […]

Understanding Dental Services

In taking care of the teeth of yours, regular brushing isn’t sufficient. You need to have continuous dental upkeep. This’s exactly why you have to go to Dr. Mexico 2 to 3 times a year. To make regular visits to the dental office guarantees that tooth problems are resolved and coming issues are avoided. So […]

Tips For Childbirth

It’s time to meet your baby. In truth, we were all afraid, and there are myths, not pleasant near experiences that can make you feel afraid of everything that may happen but relax nothing happens. It sounds simple that word and maybe you can not, but think that the less stress you have everything will […]

Amalgam And Resins

You and your dentist have two alternatives concerning fillings: an amalgam a mixture of metals and or maybe you need safe amalgam removal Tijuana Mexico and a resin compound (with ceramic and plastic). Each type of filling has its advantages and disadvantages. We are going to analyze them in more detail.   What are amalgam […]

Lo Que Las Carillas Dentales Puenden Hacer Por Ti

Las carillas de porcelana son pequeñas obleas de porcelana que se sumergen en la superficie frontal de los dientes para darles un aspecto atractivo. Se dice correctamente que las carillas dentales de porcelana son para los dientes de la misma manera que las uñas fabricadas para las manos. Con su grosor generalmente de alrededor de […]

Odontología Cosmética Y el Efecto en Tu Rostro

Hay muchas personas que están descontentas con su aspecto en el mundo hoy en día. Los dientes de muchas personas pueden haber sido desagradables durante toda su vida; mientras que otros dientes pueden haber perdido atractivo debido al envejecimiento. Por muchas razones, las personas han decidido considerar la odontología cosmética como la solución para sus […]


Other facial considerations can only be addressed by way of totally different cosmetic procedures. Clients should focus on their targets and desired results with a qualified, dentist earlier than present process any cosmetic dentistry procedure. Certain dental conditions could affect your candidacy for orthodontics. If you could have oral health issues, they have to first […]

Taking care of your Teeth

Everyone wants a healthy, white smile and the proper dental hygiene is the only way to get it. Healthy teeth and gums give you a beautiful smile. Not taking care of your mouth and teeth can lead to some serious health issues. Along with decaying teeth and retracting gums, poor dental hygiene also causes bad […]

5 Common myths about dental care

It is common knowledge that most people are afraid of visiting a dentist. It has been reported by the office of the surgeon general that 4.3 % of Americans never visit a dentist’s office. Over the years unnecessary anxiety and stress have built up around dental care leading to the creation of several myths. Most […]